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Mt Eden Jewellers have long been a part of the heart of Mt Eden Village since 1980.

After 34 years of working for some of the most respected and awarded jewellers in New Zealand I took over the reigns.

Custom design and jewellery manufacuring is my craft and my passion, my style is best recognised for it’s flair and precison. You can rest assured that your precious keepsakes and ideas are in caring expert hands.

I guarantee your expectations and confidence will be more than satisfied when you visit Mt Eden Jewellers.

Wayne Jeffers

Master Jeweller & Owner


Bespoke Jewellery

We have a wide selection of designs available in store for all occasions whether it be a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, fashionable dress ring or simple everyday jewellery.

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Jewellery Restoration

Jewellery design and restoration is our passion, bring in your broken or undesired pieces of jewellery and remodel it into something modern and refined.

We offer free consultation and design so you can spend your money on refashioning the materials into some spectacular that you will love and cherish forever.


Bespoke Design Services


Your consultation is directly with owner and jeweller Wayne Jeffers. This intimate process ensures your vision is translated without offhanded interpretation. This includes no outsourcing of any manufacturing or repairs.

We love to discuss ideas and vicariously relish in the occasion and purpose for having a jewellery item custom made. We’ll collaborate on styles you like and even incorporate the stones and gold from beloved items you no longer wear and/or wish to repurpose.

The consultation can include showcasing a selection of gemstones and metals on hand in the workshop (within budget) so you can picture your perfect piece, inspecting; colour, size, quality and shape.

The consultation holds absolutely no obligation, we listen with virtue and aim to bring your vision to life.


We will guide you through the process of diamond selection through cut, colour and clarity. Our expert team will help you achieve the best sparkle for your budget with competitive prices from our loyal suppliers.

After our comprehensive consultation and gemstones have been selected I will have a fairly good idea of how you would you like your jewellery to look.

I will then take pencil to paper and design several concepts for your perusal, design concepts will take a couple of days and are created with no obligation.

We will go through the complexity of the designs and develop as needed. Once your piece has been designed with each and every detail refined to perfection I will handmake your jewellery onsite.


Once the design has been finalised, Wayne Jeffers, owner and jeweller will hand make your jewellery onsite. We love to document the process so you can watch your piece come to life through stages.

Our workshop is onsite within our retail store, so you can see where the magic happens. All pieces are handmade using traditional artisan methods, no CAD design or computer printing in our craft.

From choosing design to the finished product, the process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on complexity and the season.

With over 30 years experience, multi-award winning jeweller, Wayne Jeffers, will make your jewellery to the highest standard. Each item is handmade by Wayne personally and not rushed out or passed on to an outsourced jeweller so the process may take a little longer but will always try to work around your timeframe.

Wayne Jeffers

Master Jeweller & Owner